Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inception Night

This post is going to sound like a movie, cause everything that happened, gives my heart a leap.

Let's see where the suspicions begin:
1st: LYF asked me what time am I leaving office for dinner.
2nd: Denise Chia sms and ask how was the "date".
3rd: LYF sms and asked where am I having dinner.

The movie begins:
While I was having dinner in this Foong Lai restaurant in The Gardens, Chin Ai Wei and her bf Ng Kien Khai passed by the shop. I know something's wrong already, then they passed by again to go back. Then, four figures passed by the shop, which consist of the previous 2 person, and Denise Chia, and LYF.

Well well, they've planned it really well, I'm sure it took them a very long time to plan, and the person behind this plan, DENISE CHIA!!! Ok, so I continue to have my dinner, till they finished their dinner and passed by again, so I finished my dinner as well and meet them outside. Our good old Denise said she's going to have dinner with AW, but apparently its not, they plan the whole thing to follow me... =="

ok, then they show me their movie ticket of Best of Times that starts at 9.30pm, same as my movie time, so they watch their movie in GSC, and I watch mine in Signature. Half way through the movie, someone kicked my seat, I thought its an accident, but it gets stronger, I turned around, and I saw..... LYF and Denise Chia!!! OMG!!! I can't believe it!! They are even in the same movie as me!!! and sitting behind me!!! And I was watching INCEPTION... So I'm not sure its reality, or a dream, I just can't differentiate anymore...

To my frens, you guys are really good in planning~

Some pictures from that day...
Our Movie!



The paparazzi!!!