Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner after class...

I have class at least one on weekday, a three-hour lecture, until 9.30pm...

I did not have time to take a dinner before class as I go straight after work, and I will just grab a bite while driving...

9.30pm is such an odd time to grab dinner!!! Restaurants are closing at 10pm, we've tried some other restaurants that opens till late night, but the food are not as good...

So he suggest that he will cook for me every night, so we can have something healthier. Every time I'm so hungry that I will just rush for the dinner, and one day I finally managed to "remember" to snap some photos before I eat.

 Picture not so clear for this, >.< but it's carrot soup with mushrooms.... *slurppppps*

 He cooked the noodles twice, first to clear off the chemicals, then only the real cooking. The soup is actually the Tom Yam paste, not from the seasoning packet. With some side dishes like carrots, onions, tomato and chicken. *saliva drooling*

 Eggs with greenie vegies...

Well, I think its a well-balanced nutrition dinner... and he took the effort to prepare something different for me every week. Aren't it sweet to have a man that cooks?

Great lesson for us: Try to avoid instant noodles, if really need be, cook it twice! First cook you need to dispose the water, where you will notice its white in color, there are chemicals in it! Then only you boil water for second time, and put in the ingredients that you want,

Eat more green vegies, they are good for health, and beauty!

Looking forward to the next home-cooked dinner! XOXO!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In a Lecture...

In the midst of class, having a short break, and I have the something to share...

I'm in a very chilly class, really cold~ And best of all, I forgot my beloved shawl~ I'm here to share... What do MBA students wear to class? Teehee! =D

MBA, more than half of the class is working adults, so we definitely has formal attire,

in a diverse country, we have students wearing Punjabi,

we have students only in jeans and flip flops, mostly full time students:
 Im wearing this flip flops!
and Harem pants!
Well, we are not on the runway, we are in a lecture class, so get your jacket or shawl ready! I've got this Old Navy jacket from my loved one and finds it very warm.
It looks something like this:
Or get a warm shawl from Salvatore Ferragamo! Teehee!

Back to class... XOXO...

My first encounter with Nuffnang~

Dear Nuffnang team,

Thanks to your employee, and my very good friend, Jane Schwan Low, I've registered myself under Nuffnang, and hence you can see nuffnang ads on my page ---------->

Anyways, I've been spending my night yesterday, which is supposed to be spent on doing homework *guilt* on creating my account with Nuffnang. When they've asked me to fill in the blogger bio, only then I realized that my blog does not have a THEME! When they asked me to categorize, I went... Cause whatever I've written is solely an expression of feelings and daily life.

Then I started to classify what I actually enjoy writing about, and I'm going to start to organize my blog from now onwards!!! *must must must* By the way, how to I classify this blog? Eat? Play? Love?  Fashion? Travel? Gah... Nevermind, I will start classifying in the next entry!

Ciaoz and brb~ XOXO... and I'm not gossip girl~~ =P

Best Regards,