Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What A Day~

I forgot my energy breakfast today!! Which consists of a cup of milk and two pieces of bread, how can I forget them~ I cannot forgive myself~ I really miss my breakfast~ I feel fatigue without my cup of milk as an energy booster.

Then, out of no where, I started sneezing~ what is going on with me! Itchy nose, ish ish ish~~ waking up, with a painful ulcer in my mouth, why oh why~

Good thing about today, even though I forgot my breakfast, but I would like to thank my office for having Milo and oat in office, and thank my mom for asking me to store some “soh dah piah” in my office~ so at least I won’t starve through my morning~ :P

Second thing is that I am going for a movie tonight in The Gardens Signature, watching Inception, never been to The Gardens Signature before, wonder how much difference is it from the normal GSC.
And I just checked online, the movie, sold out!!!!! at 9.30pm!!!!! Sold out!!!! How come KL people are so rich!!!! And don’t they have to work tomorrow morning???!!!

Oh, suddenly misses Bora Bora Island, and I am STARVING!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dark Friday morning~

This morning when I leave my house, expecting that no jam, as it’s usually very smooth on a Friday morning, but surprisingly, today, very jam… ==”

Haiz, then this morning the sky is so so dark, I cannot even see the top of KLCC. Which affects my mood a little, cause I love sunshine very much~ it seems a bit misty now and still not the best weather I am hoping for.

Today I am not as excited as I thought I would about Friday, maybe because i’m use to it already? Or maybe this Friday came too fast without me realizing it. I’m very looking forward to all the weddings coming up and I can work work work! When will I be a wedding planner myself one day~ that time when I was working in PM, LYF design my company logo, which looks as below:

I love the logo so much, and hopefully one day I can really use the logo for my shopfront, weddings are such happy event, people all dress their best and are delighted for the couples, at least that’s what I get to see on wedding~

Tonight going for steamboat with my fellow UTAR mates, nowadays I enjoyed small group outings more, easier to talk. I find more joy in talking and laughing with people around me~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My work in Salvatore Ferragamo~

Well, working as an admin executive, I deal mostly with paper works, and HR related matters, so it is partly related to Psychology, which is human resource. It feels really good working in a small company, surrounded by fashion fashion fashion, and magazines, perfumes, brands brands brands.

Well, a lot of people never heard about this brand before. But they heard of LV, Chanel, Burberry, Coach, well, this brand is more on the high end fashion, compatible to LV. Maybe cause the name is a bit too long to pronounce, hence people pay less attention to it, that’s what I think, and you don really see pirated stuff for this brand.

I’ve been here for one month plus, and I’ve got myself two pairs of their shoes, their shoes is really good, and I’m willing to spend a bit more to get it, well, at a privilege price as I am the staff, I can’t afford to buy it at original price yet. Haha!

Yesterday I went to this Chanel private sale, hoping that I won’t spend anything, but it was so tempting, and I spend RM270. I bought a Coco Chanel perfume,
and some cosmetics. I told myself that maybe I will just go and take a look and spend less than RM70, which is the cash I brought. Then I went with my colleague, who brought along her credit card, then that’s how it happened, and *tada*, the RM270 bill came out… But its really worthy, as the perfume really smells so good. Working in this company really is my interest where I get to deal with so many fashion brands. Well, which in turn, caused me to spend more. Haha, but I feel really happy about that… :P

Parking is definitely a big problem in Golden Triangle, expensive and far from office. But no choice, I love this job, so im not leaving… parking is not that big of problem anyways.

So, Im happy at work!!! And I got my name card!! Lolz~ Crazy d~

Monday, July 12, 2010

Football Fever=Panda Eyes

OMG, I’m so sleepy!!! @@ Super painful eyes!!

Well, I choose to have all these panda eyes and be sleepy one, lolz~ what happened?

Well, I watched the world cup that started at 2.30am, ended at 5am, which is supposed to end at 4.30am, thanks to the extra time~ ==”

Well done Iniesta!!! That goal is really good! And I am so happy that Fernando Torres played in the last 15 minutes, well, too bad his previous injury has not recovered yet and he can’t perform well. But I’m happy that I can see him running on the field, lolz~ He’s so cute… :P

Now my whole body feel so sore, people football fever, football fever until self-fever d~ I feel that I’m in a super mess today, hair messy, make up messy, dress messy, everything messy!!! Not in the mood to work at all~ head feels so heavy~ eyes feel so heavy~ yawning non stop~ I bet a lot of people are also not in the mood to work, haha~

This Monday is not as blue as I tought, cos Spain won, and maybe im so sleepy that I don realize the stress of it, I hope I can leave work earlier today, so that I can go home and get some rest~

Well, overall I had a great weekend, Saturday night I went to this really nice restaurant in kelana jaya, will blog about that some other time, I haven’t upload the photos to my PC, lolz~

Friday, July 9, 2010


Well, its not that I don have friends, I actually have a lot of people I know, I get to hang out in big groups, go for vacations with a big group of friends, go to parties, and go out for drinking session.

What do I mean by friendless then? Well, friendless to me is that I don’t really have someone that I find myself able to fully trust the person, able to fully tell everything to the person, when I wanted to go out for a decent quiet outing, I realize, I have not much people to go with… It’s not like I have so many appointments waiting for me~

I can’t remember when does all this started, I no longer trust people with how I feel, I no longer reach out to people and tel them my problems, Im too good at hiding everything to myself, and not telling anybody about it.
Luckily im still good at listening, people can still come to me and talk to me about how they feel, im glad that people trust me with their problems, that I actually helped them by listening to them. Maybe one day, I will start to trust people again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Wednesday, July 7, 2010


This morning when I was driving, I heard this love song that makes me cry every time I heard of it, well, today again, it’s a no fail, I cried, well, not really the messy type, but close to tears I would say. That song describes about your past relationship, and the promises and all the sweet memories. Here it goes~
谁还记得 是谁先说永远的爱我
以前的一句话 是我们以后的伤口
过了太久 没人记得当初那些温柔
我和你手牵手  说要一起走到最后
我们都忘了 这条路走了多久
心中是清楚的 有一天 有一天都会停的
让时间说真话 虽然我也害怕
在天黑了以后 我们都不知道会不会有遗憾
谁还记得 是谁先说永远的爱我
以前的一句话 是我们以后的伤口
过了太久 没人记得当初那些温柔
我和你手牵手 说要一起走到最后
我们都累了 却没办法往回走
两颗心都迷惑 怎么说 怎么说都没有救
亲爱的为什么 也许你也不懂
两个相爱的人 等对方先说找分开的理由
谁还记得 爱情开始变化的时候
我和你的眼中 看见了不同的天空
走的太远 终于走到分岔路的路口
是不是你和我 要有两个相反的梦
谁还记得 是谁先说永远的爱我
以前的一句话 是我们以后的伤口
过了太久 没人记得当初那些温柔
我和你手牵手 说要一起走到最后
我和你手牵手 说要一起走到最后
Well, who would want to remember any sad memories, especially from past relationship where you are the one who got hurt… But its not easy when you just want to forget it in one day, its difficult especially when you still love him/her. This is a really sad song, and I’m almost immune listening to it, maybe cos I could not find any relation to myself anymore~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday morning~

This morning I woke up feeling a bit delighted, I don feel like wearing spectacles today, so I put on my contact lenses, and feel that its not enough, so I put on mascara, after applying mascara, I scribble through my wardrobe to get the right top and skirt, well, eventually its not the "It" kind of outfit, but I managed to pull it together~

When I look at myself in the mirror, I can't help but pick up my eyeliner and apply it too... Tah dah!!! Full make up, without any special occassion, just normal work, and I put up my make up... ==" but putting on make up makes me feel happy... I feel more motivated at work, and then instead of using my usual Kenzo Flower,
I spray Estee Lauder Pleasure Exotic
before I went out for work~

On my way driving to office, I feel like going for outings today, but when I search through my mind, I actually dunno who to call for dinner together~ My ex-colleagues? Hmm, not sure whether they are free, my uni frens, its Tuesday, guess not evryone has the mood to go out like me, unless its Friday~ Hmm, feel like taking leave this Friday and go for vacation~

Monday, July 5, 2010

At work~

First time I blog at work, its been a really blissful Monday, my boss is not in, and I am so busy that I forgot the time past so fast! gosh, its half day already, half more to go and I can go home and chill~

Just now email with LYF and she said that she wants to plan a trip to PD, i want to go to the beach so much~ and she's going to stay in water chalet and I recommended Avilion that I've stayed before, which is superbly nice, i've been wanting to go again so much... vacation~

Then i tell her if you want go go with your partner, cos that place is very romantic and if go with frens u don really enjoy the ambience, maybe i stil need to wait for a long long time before i get myself a partner to go with~ being choosy... :P

Sunday, July 4, 2010








很多时候以为自己很棒,以为自己和别人不一样,以为自己和坚强,忘得了... 你以为。